This is the first post I had on my YouTube channel discussing and featuring my attempt on transforming Transform Mission’s Havoc, their rendition of the Decepticon vehicle combiner, Menasor!

He always was my favorite Decepticon combiner mainly because he consisted of cars!

Cody and I recorded this! The transcript is below!

0:00 [Music]

0:05 [Applause]

0:09 hello everyone welcome to atoya day

0:11 and i have my son here cody showcasing

0:14 the toy with me it’s transform missions

0:18 havoc

0:19 [Music]

0:21 with the downer side guys it says

0:24 unlimited edition below transform the

0:27 logo transformation there’s limited

0:29 edition there

0:30 right yeah are you excited are you

0:34 is this yours or mine yours

0:38 i’m going to be with you are you just

0:40 going to open with me okay

0:48 [Music]

0:50 okay it can barely hit the camera frame

0:53 because it’s a rather large box

0:55 and we’re going to open it

0:58 yeah probably will make the opening

1:01 pretend then

1:02 it’s my turn your turn to what

1:05 i want

1:08 okay okay you try to yeah what’s

1:12 this

1:15 it’s a carpet it’s not carpet it’s um

1:20 take it all out at the same time

1:26 oh yeah i just saw

1:41 oops i forgot to turn on the lights

1:45 sorry about that

1:49 oops okay with the lights on

1:54 [Music]

1:58 it comes with this cool reflectorized

2:04 poster i guess yeah yeah

2:07 i guess this is what the toy looks like

2:09 and this is the manual and the stickers

2:12 that comes with it yeah

2:17 [Music]

2:20 and

2:23 oh it’s inverted oops

2:29 let’s put this on the side

2:34 yeah i guess it does

2:43 so yeah it comes with all of this

2:46 yes and i got two robots

2:50 um i’m looking for these fists

2:53 and here they are and now they’re

2:58 they’re gonna be on fair man i think

3:01 papa will

3:05 later with the cutter right beside me

3:14 it’s funny that everything fell

3:22 you got the forearms and the fists here

3:25 we’ve got a little purple

3:33 this is gonna be a little tough to touch

3:35 because of their bling blings

3:47 there you are

3:53 the inspiration of this is the idw’s

3:56 menace version that’s where i saw it

3:59 first

4:00 i said no now that

4:04 it wasn’t been recording anymore

4:07 but my papa’s showcasing that

4:12 put some of

4:13 [Music]

4:20 there’s still things to open

4:24 yeah still it’s a mess here

4:27 [Music]

4:30 shine daddy look it’s so bad

4:34 yes i know it’s a mess we will not show

4:36 that in camera okay

4:39 because it’s a mess that’s why look at

4:42 that shine over there

4:44 cody can you show your face over here

4:45 let’s see if this can capture your face

4:48 where are you

4:50 oh there you go i see your face over

4:53 there

4:55 okay let’s try to attach it over here

4:59 why like i said that’s sensitive

5:04 to paint my chip that’s the problem with

5:07 it

5:07 what the paint might

5:10 chip

5:13 [Music]

5:15 is it paint

5:22 there you go fits in the slot right

5:24 there

5:28 oops and this is a

5:32 this is hard

5:39 [Music]

5:50 of course they did

5:55 over there

5:56 [Music]

6:04 let’s see if i could make it stand if i

6:07 punch this stuff

6:08 yeah it’s okay

6:12 [Music]

6:17 okay so that’s

6:27 [Music]

6:32 yeah i still have to attach the rmc

6:40 and look at that

6:46 and

6:52 i’m doing guesses here okay so i guess

6:54 that’s how it is

6:58 this is the wrong arm yeah

7:03 so that’s how it connects

7:04 [Music]

7:12 yeah that’s what i’m trying to do son

7:14 i’m trying to attach it

7:18 oops don’t get eaten inside

7:22 why because

7:26 this thing went inside again

7:37 there you go

7:45 [Music]

7:51 and i see

7:55 the

8:00 there you go so it’s locked

8:07 my arms are getting tired

8:13 okay so that’s how it comes in

8:39 that is body hair i guess that’s his

8:42 body here

8:44 why is it red because it is

8:51 because it just is

9:06 [Music]

9:31 [Music]

9:46 what do you think based on what he looks

9:49 like

9:50 does he look like an autobot or a

9:51 decepticon

9:55 is that a guess yeah yeah you’re right

9:57 he’s a decepticon

9:59 how do i i still have no idea how to put

10:04 it

10:07 you see i’m trying to see how logically

10:10 this thing could

10:11 fit in here my sound my son is laughing

10:15 at me for not figuring it out

10:22 what is that okay

10:26 because it looks like why not daddy who

10:30 is

10:34 [Music]

10:39 still can’t figure this one out so we’ll

10:44 continue

10:46 but this is tiring

10:49 is it time to give up and look at the

10:51 manual

10:53 should i continue try it it’s like a

10:55 puzzle how this

10:58 how would this look how would this part

11:01 this peg over here over there

11:06 there and is that the point where you’re

11:10 confused

11:13 you could say that son you could really

11:15 say that

11:17 i seem like transformers you even

11:21 you like to have a thousand of them

11:24 i don’t have a thousand of them i

11:26 haven’t counted

11:27 but i don’t think i have a thousand of

11:29 them

11:33 [Music]

11:35 i want to pretend that i was able to put

11:37 this here

11:38 [Laughter]

11:40 can i just pretend

11:45 i finally found it for this right over

11:47 here

11:50 and it’s over here the other one

11:53 so ah

11:56 don’t eat it don’t eat it’s getting

11:58 eaten like the other one too

12:01 why are you laughing oh funny

12:07 huh maybe i’m wrong oops

12:12 i’m wrong it’s not a hit

12:19 okay i’ve finally given up

12:23 trying to figure this out and i’ve

12:25 checked the manual and i

12:26 have seen it it i it i was right i was

12:29 right all along

12:30 it was this one because of how

12:34 bent it was i didn’t think that it would

12:37 go here and i didn’t want to force the

12:38 toy but apparently you have to force the

12:40 toy

12:42 so that goes in here

12:45 so the way to do it is

12:48 also this this one over here actually

12:51 pegs

12:52 to this uh this part over here

12:55 so yeah i hope i get this

12:58 get this right there and once you’ve got

13:01 one part

13:01 down there you try to do it again and it

13:05 goes right

13:06 in like so

13:10 there you have it yeah left arm

13:13 havoc or

13:20 there you go and there he is

13:35 [Music]

14:08 i guess right now let’s try to make him

14:13 more stable and menacing

14:16 there you go that’s transformation

14:20 habit for you

14:34 it’s a handsome booty

14:37 if you want a masterpiece a comparison

14:40 size figurine this is

14:42 the mp10 optimus prime

14:46 yeah so he’s he’s still significantly

14:48 bigger than his

14:49 mp10 is basically best largest

14:53 megatron and starscream masterpieces