The Mizuno Megaman X has gained popularity ever since the April Fool’s joke came out. This is my digibash work on the upcoming TruForce Megaman X designed by Keisuke Mizuno (of Maverick Hunter and Powered Up fame).

X will have a new futuristic look and fully articulated from head to boots. X is 6 inches tall, which is in scale as the other D-Arts figures from the Mega Man line, and it will include a diecast armor on the chest, shin armor and feet, an LED functional X-Buster for either hand and  swappable back thrusters for opened and closed positions.

I have created this digibash because I could not find anything out there in the internet. Hopefully, this will inspire other digital artist to have a go at it. So here it is, the Mizuno Megaman X Figure in color.

Mizuno Rockman X Colored